Medical Cities Healthcare Initiative, Saudi Arabia

WorldCare International, Inc. in collaboration with The Ministry of Interior provided peer-review services for the Ministry of Interior Medical Cities in Riyadh and Jeddah.

Medical Cities Healthcare Initiative Peer Review

The Ministry of Interior selected WorldCare International, Inc. (WorldCare) to provide an in-depth peer review of the two cornerstone hospitals of the Medical Cities Healthcare Initiative in Riyadh and Jeddah. With the understanding that the hospitals would need to have the capacity to address the current advance health services needs for people in the region while also being able to fulfill future needs.

Architectural review

Initially, WorldCare provided an exhaustive review of existing architectural plans and identified areas of improvement. WorldCare expanded upon this initial review to provide evidence-based, industry-supported solutions with clearly defined cost, service and timeline parameters.

Multi-disciplinary teams

Integrated, multi-disciplinary teams of high-caliber, industry-known and respected professionals from WorldCare and the Ministry of Interior collaborated during working sessions designed to address each and every aspect of the project. The team members spanned the medical, design, operations, engineering, IT, equipment and technology industries. The sessions brought together an unparalleled level of expertise ensuring delivery of an end-result that surpassed initial expectations.

Working sessions

On multiple occasions teams from the United States traveled to Saudi Arabia to orchestrate and participate in the working sessions. In turn, teams from Saudi Arabia traveled to the United States to continue the process. The interactive, day-long, multiple-day sessions fostered an entrepreneurial environment and opened up new project needs and areas of improvement that WorldCare addressed in their final recommendations and reports.


  • Evaluate existing plans
  • Recommend improvements
  • Outline steps for implementation
  • Report findings
  • Provide cost-benefit analysis and a scalable solution


To date, WorldCare has delivered the contracted Peer Review Findings. The Ministry of Interiors has had the opportunity to review the findings and is now breaking ground on the site. Watch this live webcam of the site.

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